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California Clean Car Initiative 
I drive a 2012 v8 Chevy Suburban. On a good day I get 12 miles a gallon so needless to say I am not a friend of GreenPeace. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the environment, I just know where my carbon footprint actually is. Over the past 2 years Governor Walz has […]
Eliminate the SS Income Tax
Social Security was designed to provide Americans with peace of mind. It was created so that after a life of work you can hang your hat without worrying about paying for groceries. Unfortunately today that money continues to shrink and shrink. Not only does the state of Minnesota tax this as earned income, so does […]
School Choice, and Education Reform
I firmly believe that education is a right that every American should have. I used my education to pull myself out of poverty and to put myself through college. That being said, no one has a right to YOUR child. For over two decades we have watched as parental rights in this country have been […]
Protecting the Second Amendment
Shall not be infringed. We need comprehensive repeals of state laws placing caps, and limits on the number of concealed carry permits allowed. Followed by the enactment of Constitutional Carry, castle doctrine, or stand your ground laws. We should also take action to instruct the attorney general to ignore any federal legislation that may be […]
McNews 6/14/2024
HelloMy name is Grayson McNew and I am your ENDORSED REPUBLICANcandidate for 41A. I wanted to give you a bit of an update about what we've beendoing over at team McNew, and what a busy couple of months they have been!Unfortunately, as you might have heard, our district is now facing a primaryelection. While many […]

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